• *1990
  • studied jazz drums and composition in Dresden and Leipzig
  • jazz contest award „Jugend Jazzt“ in 2007
  • several solo awards
  • „Neuer Münchner Jazzpreis“ awarded in 2014
  • Goethe Institut Villa Kamogawa/JPN scholarship award in 2016
  • „Jazzpreis Marion Ermer Stiftung Leipzig“ award in 2017
  • toured in: India, USA, Poland; Latvia, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Japan, Kenya, Norway, UK, Romania
  • worked with and learned from: Werner Neumann, Heinrich Köbberling, Rudi Mahall, Nora Gomringer, Pablo Held, Hayden Chisholm, Jürgen Friedrich, Uli Kempendorff, Yves Theiler, Johannes Enders, Chris Pitsiokos, Claudio Puntin

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